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Pollution Sensors

Etesian Green SheltersInnovative Eco-Friendly Bus Shelters

Bus shelters made purely from recycled plastic bottles, our eco bus shelters use both smart and renewable technology for a minimal environmental impact.

The National Bus Strategy for England sets out ambitious targets for planning and delivering bus services. Talk to us about how we can help you deliver some of these innovative requirements.

Environmental Policy

Made from recycled bottles, low carbon manufacture and can be shredded into 3mm granules for recycling.


Anti-bacterial treatment embedded in resin, Anti-graffiti gel coating, UV colour stability (10-year guarantee).


Modular and repairable if damaged and Fire Rated - Class 1.

Key Production BenefitsEtesian Green is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy, through the use of innovative solar and wind technologies.

We Must  Act

Climate breakdown and destruction of nature threaten our health, prosperity, security and our very survival as a species, by unravelling the web of life support systems upon which our own existence depends:


Global Footprint Network

In 2020 Earth Overshoot Day fell on 22nd August. This means that the global community is still acting as if we had 1.6 planets at our disposal, or 3 in Europe and 5 in USA.


Scripps Institution

Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere reached 417parts per million in May 2020, topping out at their highest concentration ever recorded.

68% Decline


The population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have seen an average drop of 68% since 1970.

Climate Change


In recent months we have seen an increase in extreme, unprecedented weather events. We are now close to a number of climate tipping points that will trigger irreversible change.

1 Million Extinct

Unitied Nations

1 million of the planet's species are at risk of extinction, and nature's richness is declining at an unprecedented rate.

Global Warming


Despite the Paris Climate Agreement, we have already passed 1.1 degree of warming. Without bold new action now, we are on track for 3 or 4 degrees of warming.

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Bus Shelters Optional Items

All our eco friendly bus shelters are module by design and can be fitted with optional addons for an improved bus service.

Solar Panels

Stand alone or integrated with wind turbines.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Used to power on and off grid applications.

Pollution Sensing / ANPR

Integrated sensors to measure and monitor air quality.

Sedum Vegetation

Green roof constructed ecosystems.

Passenger WIFI

Passenger Wi-Fi can be installed as a stand alone.

Content Display Screen

Advertising display with integrated Wi-Fi for updates.

Real Time Information

Tracking and monitoring of bus movements.

Cycle Counting

Real-time reporting on cycle parking availability.

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