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Worcester Council are  the first council in the country to place orders with 21st century and Etesian Green Limited (EGL) for a Smart Plus shelter, which not only breaks the mould in shelter design, but more importantly, is manufactured from 70% recycled bottles!

The Smart Plus (EGL trademark) shelter is ground breaking and will pave the way for the future of passenger transport and how we view Shelters. The shelter is not only 70% recycled bottles but has low carbon production methods, an antibacterial coating, 10 years warranty, graffiti resistant, a 60 year life and can be completely recycled at the end of its life. The shelter will be full of technology, so will be supported by two solar panels and a vertical wind turbine to reduce the impact on the environment and support Worcester’s net zero and aggregated power policy. As part of Worcester’s pollination policy it will also be one of many shelters across the city with Sedum vegetation, to act as a bee and insect corridor and a means of absorbing carbon from the cities busy streets.

The first shelter will be installed in Cathedral Square and will be the first a number creating a green corridor  through the City. These smart shelters will act as a smart hub for the town and contain a myriad of 21st Century technology including: pollution sensors, smart bike and scooter racks, smart lighting, 55 inch LCD interactive display, CCTV, large format display, Digital bus shelter flag, Pollution detector,  RGB SMART lighting, 38″ RTI with vandal camera, 10″ interactive screen digital assistant.

Worcester Councils commitment to improving their bus service is evident to all and will make them a shining light in the transport network for many councils to replicate.

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